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School Code of Conduct 2019-2020

The Resurrection Safe Schools Committee comprised of our Health Nurse, a parent, two Grade 8 students, a teacher, our secretary and principal, have approved the Resurrection School Code of Conduct for this school year. It is very similar to last year’s code of conduct with two additions (printed in italics) addressing cell phones and technology, which bring it into alignment with the Ontario Schools Code of Conduct (PPM 128):

Under Standards of Behaviour – All members of the school community must respect the need of others to work in a community that is conducive to learning and teaching; including by ensuring that cellphones and other personal devices are only used during instructional time for educational purposes and/or to support special education needs.
All members of the school community must NOT engage in any form of bullying behaviours; whether it is in person, writing, or through technology, like e-mail or cell phones.

Please see the attached to read the Code of Conduct in its entirety.