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Cyber Awareness Month

BHNCDSB is celebrating Cyber Awareness Month by providing information and resources to staff, students and families that help protect privacy, reduce risk, and promote learning. Cyber Awareness Month runs from October 26 to November 20. This year’s campaign recognizes our education realities and new ways of teaching, learning and connecting that students, parents and staff have had to embrace.

This year’s campaign theme is “Work, Teach, Learn Remote, Secure and Safe” with an objective of helping everyone in K-12 education – teachers, staff, students and parents – be safer and more secure online. The campaign, created by the Educational Computing Network of Ontario (ECNO) provides resources to help everyone understand pertinent cyber threats and know a few simple steps to protect themselves, their workplace, learning space, and their devices.

The campaign is divided into weekly themes which highlight different aspects of cyber security, online privacy and online (cyber) safety.

As we move through the four-week campaign, you will see information that will help you understand the importance of highlighted items, and improve our online safety together. You can always visit this webpage for the active weekly campaign link. The hashtag for this year's campaign is #BHNCAM2020. Please consider using the hashtag when posting/sharing so we can see how together we teach and learn online safely and securely.

If you have any questions about the campaign, or require additional information please email with the subject line: Cyber Awareness Month.

Content for BHNCAM2020 taken from or adapted with permission of ECNO.